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Spending the day with toddlers

My wife has been asked to work an extra day a week to meet a deadline, and as I have more accrued leave than I should, each Monday from January...

Off camera flash system

As anyone who is even remotely interested in photography will tell you, on camera flash is terrible, the lighting it produces is harsh and unflattering. Mounting an external flash on...

ChromeOS adventures

In my day job, we are testing ChromeOS devices to see if they are relevant to our business. Early in January we received 6 Samsung Chromebooks 550 models and 4...

Photowalk with Trey

On Friday 11th Jan 2013 +Trey Ratcliff came to Melbourne and joined the +Melbourne Photowalk for a walk from Federation Square, along Southbank, to the web bridge.

Just a few random shots

Just a few random shots taken over the last week or so. Uploaded to My Google+ profile as usual.

Over the bay

Some shots over Port Phillip Bay last night. Added to this album on Google+.