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The connected future

The connected future

In my job, as well as my tech life, I am often asked asked about how things could be in the future, the term “The Cloud, it is a phrase which gets used far too often these days, often inappropriately, and often by people who don’t understand what it means. It’s meaning changes depending on context and audience.

To me, “The Cloud” is a small part of how things could work in the future. It is an enabler for, rather than the entirety of an always on, connected, social, network.

  • more than simply ‘on the internet’.
  • always on.
  • on demand and responds to demand. It is a pool of resources which can be provisioned and deployed automatically to meet the demand.
  • accessible from a wide variety of devices.
  • accessible via defined APIs allowing developers to build on it, it is a platform on which others can build.
  • collaborative.
  • inherently social.
  • integrated and inter-connected.

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