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Photowalk with Trey

Photowalk with Trey

On Friday 11th Jan 2013 +Trey Ratcliff came to Melbourne and joined the +Melbourne Photowalk for a walk from Federation Square, along Southbank, to the web bridge.

Of course, the regular crowd decided that 7:30 pm was far too late a start, and instead started at 1 pm with Lunch, followed by a photo walk around Richmond in the heat, the day was in the high 30’s at that point.

Undeterred by the heat, or maybe refreshed by the pub, we photo-walked Richmond before heading off into Melbourne to meet +Trey Ratcliff in Young and Jacksons for more refreshments and snacks before the main event.

7:30, the main event.

Photographers everywhere, as far as the eye can see. This is very likely the largest number of photographers I have seen all together in one place outside of a trade show. Having someone like Trey come along obviously has a pull, it was great to see so many. There were so many photographers it was difficult to get a shot of anything other than more photographers, but no matter, we headed down the route, slowly, with regular stops for Trey to give advice to those around him. A great time was had by all, and hopefully some of those new people will become regulars to the other Melbourne Photo Walks.

As usual, my images are shared on Google+, you can see the full album here.

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Lady Fran W Commented on 2013-01-14T03:52:46.472Z

Fantastic! ^__^