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The Digital Analog

In Silver and Cellulose I talked about photography using film rather than using a digital camera, and the way that doing so encourages the photographer to slow down and be...

A change of perspective

It’s been a while since my last blog post, apologies for that, life has been pretty busy. I recently had the pleasure of taking my 3 year old daughter along...

Silver and Cellulose

Having just picked up some images which was taken on ‘old fashioned’ film, I have been thinking about the differences between film photography and more modern digital shooting.

Google+ 2 year walk.

The 29th of June 2013 was the day that photo walkers world wide celebrated the 2nd anniversary of Google+ by doing what they do best, holding photo walks. As usual...


I was looking through some old photos the other day and I found these 2, some early examples of me and a camera.

Shooting outside the comfort zone

Earlier this month I was thrilled to be asked along to a shoot organised by +Paul Pavlinovich and +George Darsas from the +Melbourne Photowalk group. The brief was to take...


The thing I get asked about most when out on a photowalk (apart from the bemused ‘what is going on’ questions from the public prompted by the hoards attending the...

One year of photowalking

The morning of Saturday 31st of March 2012 was cold and rainy, I dragged myself out of bed at what felt like the middle of the night in order to...

Off camera flash system

As anyone who is even remotely interested in photography will tell you, on camera flash is terrible, the lighting it produces is harsh and unflattering. Mounting an external flash on...

Photowalk with Trey

On Friday 11th Jan 2013 +Trey Ratcliff came to Melbourne and joined the +Melbourne Photowalk for a walk from Federation Square, along Southbank, to the web bridge.

Just a few random shots

Just a few random shots taken over the last week or so. Uploaded to My Google+ profile as usual.

Over the bay

Some shots over Port Phillip Bay last night. Added to this album on Google+.


Inspired by +Ananda Sim’s “Just get out there and shoot” methodology, as followed in This post by +Trace McLean, I ventured out, not quite out of my driveway, but the...

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

No text content here, only images.


Roadworks on Riversdale Road, Camberwell.

Photo a day challenge

Back in September I started taking part in the Fat mum slim photo a day challenge, and while I only lasted a little over a month it has been a...

Swanston Street by Night

No text content here, only images.

Melbourne in a moment competition

Time for some shameless self promotion.

Photo Walk Revisited

Sunday brought 2 events for the +Melbourne Photo Walkers.

Light Painting, something new.

On Wednesday I went along to a Light Graffiti Shoot with the good people from +Melbourne Photo Walk.

New tech, shiny tech.

A number of things which have caught my eye recently…