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I was looking through some old photos the other day and I found these 2, some early examples of me and a camera.

The first is dated 1984, making me about 8.

Photography had always been around, dad is a professional wedding and portrait photographer (now retired), and my brother Steve also took up photography as a professional. I grew up playing with everything from 35mm, through Medium format, and even some large format 5x4 photography, as well as studio setups and location shoots. I worked for a few years in the family studio before studying I.T. at university.

So in short, I can’t actually remember when I started as it has just always been around, I learnt a whole bunch of stuff and played with a whole bunch of cool things, then got out of practice and forgot most of it. Then picked up again with digital and am enjoying being an amateur again.

Over to you photography friends, what is your background story, and how long have you been into Photography.

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