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A change of perspective

A change of perspective

It’s been a while since my last blog post, apologies for that, life has been pretty busy. I recently had the pleasure of taking my 3 year old daughter along to a photo walk. She had no instruction, and was able to take images of whatever she wanted.

The result was…

  • The walk for us went much much slower
  • We lasted a little over an hour into the walk
  • She came away with some fantastic images

Toddlers see the world from a vastly different viewpoint from adults, not only are they much lower down, but ordinary things, like shadows on the ground, or a discarded bottle are far more interesting. The sort of things which seasoned street photographers have retrained themselves to look for are more obvious to a toddler.

The images from the walk can be found in 2 albums, hers is here, and mine is here.

If you have kids, especially toddlers or pre-schoolers, then do this. Hand them a camera, show them how it works but not what to take, and let them go and do it. You may be surprised at what they come up with. If you do then I would be really interested to see the result.

And for the rest of us, try and get a different perspective on things, not just your physical viewpoint, but try and change how you see things, it makes for some interesting shots.

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